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Mr. Ikeuchi was born in 1947 and has been a patent attorney since 1987; graduated from Shinshu University, B.S. in Chemistry, 1970; worked in laboratory (1970-80) and patent department (1980-88) at TORAY Corp.; expert in chemistry, fiber, plastics, materials; specialist in patent appeals, litigation, licenses, foreign applications and others. He has acquired experience of patents for 25 years. One of his more recent successes was the successful defense against Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M) in the patent infringement case known as the Reflex-Reflecting Sheeting case. He is a member of AIPPI, Japan-German Lawyers’ Association, Japan License Association, and Society of Textile Machinery. He is a technical advisor/an expert commissioner of Osaka District Court, Tokyo District Court and Intellectual Property High Court (2004-2008). He is an arbitrator of Japan IP arbitration tribunal center. He is admitted to act for clients in IP litigations.


Received official commendation from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII) in 1986 for "Method of Manufacturing a Polybuthylene-terephtalate Direct Polycondensation"

"Method of Manufacturing a Polybuthylene-terephtalate Polycondensation" Japan Fiber Society 43 (1987), P.35, 186, 251, 538

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"What must be done to establish strong patents" (Monthly magazine "Research & Development Management", 1994)

"Patent attorney now at work (third edition)" (Hogaku Shoin, 1999) This book has been selected for the "List of Selected Works" by the Japanese Library Association.

"Decision of the Japanese Supreme Court concerning the parallel import of patented goods (BBS-Case)
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